Wunderbar Song Lyrics in English by Caamp

Don’t say you love me
If it’s only cause you’ve run out of
Better things to say
Don’t pretend you know me
I haven’t shown you anything
Besides the clothes I wear in the light of day

And I wait
For my true love
She is sailing on an emerald green ocean
So far away
And I wait
For the day that she takes my hand
And comes to shore and shows my heart
Its rightful place


Standin’ on the notion that we’re not in this together
We’ll only end up getting us all killed
As soon as you can realize that we’re all birds of a feather
And the fox is in the White House on the hill

You can wait for your whole life
On the man who said he’d save you
I can’t speak to the times of late
Or you can go out into the world
And wrap your arms around all
The wunderbar
Love and grace


Love and grace is what we need…

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Anju Thakur


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