Send The Fisherman Song Lyrics in English by Caamp

This one goes out to my lovely friends
Dark rooms could not dim your innocence
An island in the sun is all we’re looking for
And in this sea of sharks we’re just swimmin’

Pushed off the beaches knowing all too well
There were cracks in the wood and tissue paper sails
The storm came on a run, we knew that we were done
Sat there laughing at the situation


Somebody save us, somebody save our ship
Somewhere off of the coast out in the Atlantic
And assure yourself my friend we cannot quit this now
The ship is gone and I think it’s time we swam

Somebody save us, somebody get here quick
Send the coast guard, the navy and the fisherman
And assure yourself my friend we are shit outta luck
So I’m sleepin’ at the bottom of the ocean sinking slow
Feel the pull and the motion of things you think that you know


Wait it’s ok
Haven’t we been here before
Haven’t we been here before
And I said hey, what’s your name
‘Cause we can swim right back into shore
Kickins’ what these feet are for, oh yeah

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