On My Way To You Song Lyrics in English by Aaron Pritchett

On my way to you
There was this girl in Albuquerque
I don’t think she really meant to hurt me
But she did
So what did I do
Moved in with a girl in knew from college
If loved walked away I never saw it
But she did
A lot of little things fell through


On my way to you
I hurt I walked
I ran I crawled
Let love make me look like a fool
I lost some time
Spun these wheels of mine
Searchin’ for the truth
On my way to you

On my way to you
I only made one right decision
I learned what real love is and isn’t
In your arms
My aim was true
True and honest as your blue eyes
That led me all the way that one night
To your heart
Lost my way a time or two
On my way to you


You were like a brick wall in
A road I thought would never end
The open arms that reached out to me
That arrow out of the blue that went right through me

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