No Recognition Song Lyrics in English by Aaron May

Big percentage, might not recognize me through the smoke and the tinted windows
I’m still in business
So every time niggas get to sayin’ I changed I don’t get offended
They wasn’t even wit me, when I was gettin’ mail from a cell knowin’ sentences couldn’t change a sentence
I aged with visits
When I ain’t write back put dem lines into rap got famous wit it now they payin’ attentionGrew up inna struggle I ain’t really know much except I ain’t wanna end up in the same conditions
All my niggas diamonds and most did time on them chains you could say that I hang with pendants
And I don’t wanna network niggas workin’ for a bluecheck on the net tryna claim official
Between me and you it’s a major difference
I wasn’t ever in this for no recognition


I’m just makin’ up for a lifetime of losses
Heart wanted help but my soul wanted vengeance
I just wanna turn the whole roster to bosses, whatever it cost us, you know Ima spend it
This for all them nights I was turnin’ and tossin’ for anybody
Crossed me I hate em like Chris
I’ma let em watch me but no they can’t sit
Only got stand up guys in attendance

Stand in the fire when I’m in it
I done hurt many of they pride and feelings
I’ll let the whole world paint me a villain
Long as they know I ain’t ever been pretendin’
Long as they know I ain’t ever paint a image
I been gettin’ more and each time I’m givin’
Long as they know when I die can’t nun come with me, I can’t lose nun I’m winnin’


What they wanna know about me I’m winnin’
Mom in a crib by twenty
None of these whips ain’t rented

What they wanna know bout me I’m livin’
Bands inna cup I’m sippin’
Stand on my own independent

I ain’t gotta show too much I’m gettin’ it
Bread gettin’ touched quick digits
More after more its plenty


They ain’t gotta know much if they ain’t wit it
I don’t wanna hear no limits
I remember pinchin’ on pennies

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