My Address Is Hollywood Song Lyrics in English by Adore Delano

Bright lights, and diamonds
There’s fame in our walk
Tonight, we’re shinin’, like stars on the block
I know, the glitter, will bring us to life
Let go, we fake it, but we fake it right


I’m a city angel, but it doesn’t pay well
Baby, that’s okay
Heaven wouldn’t have me, cause I’m all about me
Hell, I’m on my way


My-y-y-y, my address is Hollywood
My address is Hollywood
I-I-I-I wouldn’t change it if I could
My address is Hollywood
My address is Hollywood

You say, we’ve made it
We already know
Too late, we got it
We’re still in the show
Makeup, and only believe what you see
Wake up, someone else is all you can be



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