London Bridges Song Lyrics in English by Aaron Doh

I hate to lose
‘Cause I think it hurts so much
And I don’t want another bruiseI got no excuse, the sun is goin’ down
And I can’t pay my dues
Life’s a double-edged sword
My mind’s been payin’ bills
That my heart can’t afford yeah
Heart can’t afford
Yeah yeah


And all my bridges are topplin’ down
Watchin’ my life decay all around
Hurtin’ for somethin’, I drop to my knees
Depression is such a painful disease

I’ll bleed, I’ll break, keep comin’ back for more
Hurtin’ in pain, can’t take it anymore
Don’t feel the same, been drained out to the core
Goin’ insane, not even 24 (not even 24)

Don’t know what to say
I lost the best of me
I’ll never be okay
If I never find a way


To get out of this shit again
I’ve been runnin’ from the end
And I can’t ever stop
Or I’ll get swallowed up
By all this stupid stuff
I’ve just been sinkin’ in my thoughts

I’m runnin’ away
From it all and I hate it
I’ve been screamin’
I don’t feel like we’ll make it
And I just need some help
‘Cause I cannot take it
So please just help me now
I think I’m just breakin’ down again


I need some help, I’m drownin’
I need a life, I can’t feel myself
I need some help, I’m drownin’
I need your love, ’cause I don’t feel mine at all

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