Jack And Jill Song Lyrics in English by Aaron Doh

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
His feet slipped up and then he fell but his heart was fallin’ faster
Tumbled down to the ground and she came runnin’ after
The water rained from his eyes like a rollin’ riverAnd he said
Why do you love me, I’m such a fuckin’ mess
Why do you need me, my life is such a wreck
Lovin’ me ain’t easy, I’m broken in the head
It’s like nobody sees me, I’m better off just dead


But she said
I see you for you, you’re perfect in my eyes
So wipe those tears away, can’t stand to see you cry
I’m so in love with you, I need you in my life
You’re not invisible, I’d lose it if you died

So why do I love you, it’s ’cause you’re my fucking man
And why do I need you, ’cause you’re my lovely wreck
Lovin’ you is easy, you make me feel so blessed
And I love you baby, had to get that off my chest


When Jack and Jill went up the hill they didn’t find the water
They found a love for themselves in the happy never after
So broken Jack found love in Jill, now his heart is full of laughter
Yeah fairytales they do exist, sometimes they’re found in disaster

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