I Ain’t Worried Song Lyrics in English by Aaron May

Fuck what they talkin bout I ain’t worried
Only way I care what a nigga think if his ass sittin’ in a jury
And even then it’s, fuck them niggas
I still got it tucked I’m above six figures
And I can’t get knocked off
I hate lookin back through the rearview mirrors
All I see is names I crossed off
All I see is times I forgot about
Still ain’t gettin dropped off ima ride it out
Before the rap popped off I was down and out, keep a round of applause I don’t ride without
And I asked for this
But it started gettin wild so its time to find out what I’m about
Part pacifist, but the other side foul we’ll get em took out no price amount
If I say the word, the last thing I’ll do is prove myself to a opp I’ll stay in first
Before I crash out gotta take my fam to the top I can’t reverse
And life go fast know they probably seen me with all this cash, never had to be me or hold my stash, or know my past
Fuck what they talkin bout I ain’t worried
And that’s to them old hoes
It’s a lot I could say rather stay out the way guess that part of me grown cold
Tell the world what I didn’t do and what I did
Say you hate me, givin’ me they opinions
Could say I am how I is cause ole girl gave me away when I had nun to give
But even then
They all did dirt, they all told lies
I’m still on hurt, I still got pride
Was at my worst you wasn’t on side of me uh uh
And my biggest mistake was letting you back in to give you the same pain times ten
You come back again it’s fuck what you talkin bout I ain’t worried
And that’s to the whole world
I do this for me, I do this for us
If you end up fucking with it just a plus
I rather take my time and be a lil late than never make it tryna rush
I rather go unsigned and fill up my plate than have em eat off me for lunch
Stayin’ offline cause niggas ain’t did none tryna tell me I ain’t did enough
Take care of mine cause I wouldn’t meant nun to the fans if I was never up
Like who really love me
Who there when its ugly
If it ain’t the judge or the man up above me than who gone judge me
Fuck what they talkin bout I ain’t worried

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