Hydroxyzine Interlude Song Lyrics in English by Aaryan Shah

I pray that one day you’ll leave me, before I leave you
I used to see right through you, now I can’t even see you
You said tonight is the last time, I still don’t believe you
I hate to know that you don’t need me like I need you
Like I need you
And I’m slipping through
Right back to you
Tell me if it’s not you
Who’s gonna stay here and keep me alive?
And who’s here by my side?
Don’t leave me tonight
Don’t leave me tonight, oh
Why don’t you give up on me?
Before I give up on you
Why don’t you let go of me?
I just can’t let go of you
Make the pain go away
Make me forget the truth
Tell me I’ll be okay
I swear I’ll believe it, too
Ohh, I swear I’ll believe it, too

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