Dynamite Song Lyrics in English by Adore Delano

We’re not supposed to be meeting like this
But when we get close I know we’re gonna kiss
Can’t keep my cool when I’m dancing with fire
Fire, fireKeep tryna dip but I’m fixed on your face
Thirsty for you in an animal way
How do you do what you do to me babe
Fire, fire


You’re lookin like dynamite, dynamite
You’re lookin like dynamite, dynamite

You got me runnin’ I can’t catch my breath
Watching you move got me actin’ obsessed
What’s got to happen to get you undressed
You’re fire, fire



It’s gonna blow up in my face
But c’mon light me up anyway
Sparks about to fly
I’m pushin’ up tonight
Up tonight
You’re dynamite
You’re dynamite, oh

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